Make Sure Your Ducks Are In A Row

You may have heard “Make Sure Your Ducks Are In A Row,” but what exactly does that mean in the mortgage world?

You decide it is time for a housing transition in your life. 

  • You could be sick of paying rent and want to start putting your monthly payments toward your future by owning your home
  • Your family doesn’t fit in your current home and you need an upgrade
  • You have too much home and are ready to retire into something more suitable
  • You love the idea of investing in Real Estate and building your wealth

No matter what your goals are, your financial house needs to be in order, also known as – ducks in a row. 

If you have been at your current job/career for at least two years plus always paid your rent, credit cards, and car payment on time, you must have heard about the ducks before. 

Life Experiences

If you are like me, you had to go through, or are currently going through some life experiences to learn about these aquatic birds and what they mean to your finances. 

My first job in high school was data processing clerk at The Grand Haven Credit Bureau. 

Did I learn to be responsible with credit as I entered our client’s unpaid invoices into the collection system?  Nope! 

Ducks Without A Row

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My first road block to qualifying for a loan was when I found myself in a living situation I needed to move away from. My income was too low to be able to afford to move. I figured my only way out was to go back to school, learn new skills, and make more money.

However, I had not made payments on my first student loan, which meant I was in default.

From Default to Deferred

Shortly after my decision to go back to school, I received a letter in the mail. If I made 12 on time payments, my loan would be in good standing, and I could apply for more educational loans.

One year later, I was accepted into the Clinical Massage Therapy program at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. After twelve months of focusing on getting my ducks in a row, my credit was awesome, and I was able to continue with my plan to independence.

Photo by Jill Wellington on

Two years later, I graduated and landed a good job as a massage therapist at a high-end fitness club. I kept my current part-time job because we still needed that money to move out.

After graduation, my student loans became due. I consolidated all my student loans so I only had one educational payment per month.

My partner and I applied for our first mortgage on a three family home. Our plan was to live in the lower level suite (aka basement apartment) and have the other two units pay for our mortgage.

In the middle of the lender verifying our employment, I got fired from my part-time job!

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Hi, I’m Wendy Schweifler NMLS# 1984358, Mortgage Loan Originator. A Country girl who loves all of Mother Earth’s gifts with a passion for animals, helping people, and laughter. Thanks for visiting!

7 thoughts on “Make Sure Your Ducks Are In A Row

  1. Oh, I thought I missed something! You left some ducks hanging on purpose, it looks like! LOL.

    I am so glad to have had my ducks in a row early one. We’ve paid off our mortgage and no longer have that payment each month. It’s a wonderful feeling.

    Can’t wait to see how your cliff-hanging ducks fare tomorrow! 🦆

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