The “Who Helped Me” Assignment

Melissa Myers, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Wealth Advisor and Financial Mentor. Wise, thoughtful and generous.

Are you blessed with someone in your life who wants to help you, and is not afraid to tell you the truth? To be a cheerleader, and at the same time, point out areas in your career or finances that could use some improvement?

I am grateful for Melissa, she challenges and supports me as I expand my skills with my new career.

Before Melissa

Melissa would ask me, “Would you like me to help you with your finances?”

“No, I’m good. Thank you.”

She must have known – I wasn’t good with my finances.

She kept asking me, “Do you want to talk about your financial goals?”

She must have known – I was swimming in debt.

“Are you available Friday morning at 10am for a discovery session?”

“Yes.” I couldn’t turn down her direct request.

I was reluctant to make the appointment because I thought I would be wasting Melissa’s time. After all, she is a wealth advisor, and I was far from financial abundance.

Planning with Melissa

Even though there was barely enough money in my bank accounts to cover my monthly bills, there I was, in her office, ready to be advised about . . . I had no idea what we were going talk about.

Melissa was successful in her persistence, because there I sat, open for whatever she suggested I do to build wealth from what I thought was, negative nothing.

“So where do you want to start?” Melissa’s face lit up as she poised her pen; ready to take notes, record numbers, and come up with a wealth strategy.

“I have no idea.”

“Let’s start with your net worth.”

“Okay.” Even though I agreed, I knew I was somewhere between four and five hundred thousand dollars in debt.

She asked me asset and value questions.

She punched numbers on her calculator.

“If you get rid of the New York house, you will have a positive net worth.”

“What?” I heard her. I never thought it could be possible. I thought I would be paying for my spending mistakes forever.

“If you make additional payments on your mortgage, you can be debt free in seven years.” She gave me the details.

“For real?” My whole outlook on life brightened that day.

When you know your numbers, the magic happens!

Wendy (Schweifler) Coon

One month later . . .

New York house sold —

We had a positive net worth!

Seven months later . . .

We sold our last rental property —

We paid off our mortgage!

We were officially DEBT-FREE!

Two years later . . .

Melissa is still helping me. She helped me set up regular deposits into my ROTH IRA – Now I have retirement savings!

I know Melissa will continue to help me toward my new goal:

Becoming a Philanthropist.

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Hi, I’m Wendy Schweifler NMLS# 1984358, Mortgage Loan Originator. A Country girl who loves all of Mother Earth’s gifts with a passion for animals, helping people, and laughter. Thanks for visiting!

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