Curb Appeal from the Inside

What is your view from your home office?

My Winter View (Rare Sunny Day)

A few years back I attended a workshop with my garden club. The speaker was from The Richard & Helen DeVos Japanese Garden | Meijer Gardens. He talked about creating your landscape so you have the best view looking out.

Bird Feeding 101

That year I also attended a Bird Feeding 101 workshop at Hemlock Crossing – Ottawa County, Michigan (

If you would like to attract birds to your property here is what I learned:

  • Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are the favorite
  • Peanut Suet Squares pack in the most fat and protein
  • Song birds like cover to hide from predators (we also have a red tail hawk in the back yard)
  • A source of water is needed as well. During the summer we have a fountain, in the winter they have to travel to our back yard stream

Your mortgage is the beginning of your home owning journey – creating your ideal living space is a continual project.

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Hi, I’m Wendy Schweifler NMLS# 1984358, Mortgage Loan Originator. A Country girl who loves all of Mother Earth’s gifts with a passion for animals, helping people, and laughter. Thanks for visiting!

One thought on “Curb Appeal from the Inside

  1. Hi Wendy, a cardinal has been visiting my backyard tree for the past 15 years. Many times, I’ve tried to capture it with my phone camera. So far, my efforts have been unsuccessful. I’ll keep trying. 😁

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