Worried Your Offer Will Never Accepted?

Look for Worst House in Best the Neighborhood and Renovate! This is also a good strategy if you are a beginning investor. You could buy one primary residence (single family or up to a 4 unit multifamily) a year, renovate, and live in your new home for one year. When you are ready to buyContinue reading “Worried Your Offer Will Never Accepted?”

Good Time Fool vs. Don’t Be Fooled

He was born on April 1. Nine years ago, when I first learned of LeeRoy’s registered name, Good Time Fool, my first thought was, “I am a Good Time Fool Too!” Then I discovered more about this magnificent horse. He was trained in dressage and reining. However, after he demonstrated his dislike of a “funContinue reading “Good Time Fool vs. Don’t Be Fooled”

No Excuses – Just Brief Explanations

What if the underwriter asks you to write a letter of explanation (LOX or LOE)? You have a story – here is your chance to talk for your numbers. Large Deposits When the underwriter reviews your bank statements and sees a large deposit, something out of the ordinary every day business, they will want toContinue reading “No Excuses – Just Brief Explanations”

Home Maintenance Resource List for New Home Buyers

Pat and Chris were enjoying a fresh fruit platter while relaxing in their breakfast nook. Cardinals, Morning Doves and Chickadees were pecking at the black oil sunflower seeds. Laddie, their dog, kept running down stairs and then back up. Rushing over to their corner and nudging their knees. After the third time up and downContinue reading “Home Maintenance Resource List for New Home Buyers”

Mortgage Math for Monthly Gross Income

Sylvia “I want to take advantage of the lower interest rates!” Sylvia shared with her wealth advisor. “How do I know if refinancing is my best option?” “Let’s contact a trusted Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) and see what the current rates are, then discuss your options.” One of the first steps in the purchase orContinue reading “Mortgage Math for Monthly Gross Income”

The “Who Helped Me” Assignment

Melissa Myers, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Wealth Advisor and Financial Mentor. Wise, thoughtful and generous. Are you blessed with someone in your life who wants to help you, and is not afraid to tell you the truth? To be a cheerleader, and at the same time, point out areas in your career or finances that couldContinue reading “The “Who Helped Me” Assignment”